Unlocking the Actor (N.E.W.)

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Date & Time
Mondays from 07/11/2022 to 07/25/2022
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

1st Team Actors Studio
4954 Great Northern Blvd
North Olmsted, OH 44070

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About this Event

The N.E.W. (Neuromuscular Emotional Workout) Process – A special 3 week class to Unlock the Actor!
What’s got you stuck? Old thought patterns, self doubt, fear, inability to get vulnerable? We’ve all got restricting behaviors that often get in the way of our acting career….
This class is designed to support actors in their journey of emotional and physical freedom. All humans are patterned for behaviors particular to their genetic make up as well as the result of their life experiences. Many of these patterns were once very useful for navigating  safely and successfully in the world but as our needs and circumstances change, so do our deeply formed restrictive patterns need to change as well. In a very safe, fun and supportive atmosphere, and through a variety of physical, vocal and partnered exercises, The N.E.W. Process guides and encourages the individual to form new, more creative and expansive ways of relating to the self, others and the work of an actor. If you’re ready to break through old, limiting patterns and replace them with new, more energized, liberated and expansive ways of behaving, this class is for you!