John D’Aquino Workshops- Regional Showcase (Youth)

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Date & Time
07/30/2021 to 08/01/2021 | 12:00 am

1st Team Actors Studio
156 Main St
Westlake, OH 44145


About this Event


1. Disney & Nick Test Scene| 9:00AM-11:30AM

From time to time, Disney and Nickelodeon ask some of their best comedy writers to create “test scenes” that basically throw in “the kitchen sink” of twists and turns to find actors who can make the twists and turns funny! In order to “make the turn”, you must be able to locate it. Test scenes challenge actors to show off theirs skills at identifying the jokes. Can you locate the misdirections (the 180’s) that often present themselves at the end of a three-step joke? It’s the “reversal” that makes the audience laugh if “turned” correctly. John has worked on hundreds of Disney and Nickelodeon scenes over the years with kids in Los Angeles and around the country. There are essential formulas involved in the structure of the jokes, but when gifted actors instill their own DNA in the equation, magic can happen. This course will help actors identify the joke (as written) and inspire them to find their own way to deliver them. Be prepared to have fun and learn how to climb the three-step comedic ladder (triplet), make the turns, identify comedic discoveries and create memorable dynamic entries and exits!

Note: You do not have to be completely memorized (off book)  for this course, though it is highly recommended. 



1. Midwest Showcase Prep Course  | 9:00AM-11:30AM


Midwest Industry ZOOM Showcase YOUTH | 9:00 AM-10:00 AM



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About the Prep Class:

At the beginning of class, John will focus on scene objectives, expectations, and the unfolding moment in the life of the character. Every character, just like every person, has an “expectation” of how their day will go based on patterns established over time. What they want to achieve in any given moment is called their “objective.” This objective might be to speak with their teacher and ask for a better grade, ask a girl/boy out on a date or convince mom and dad to let you go to the sleepover or to a concert.

A good scene must have an objective, but it must also have conflict – something that stands between the character and their objective. This unfolding dilemma or  “unfolding moment” — is the conflict. This is what the audience pays to see, the moment where these elements play out culminating in the characters being thrown into some kind of comedic chaos or dramatic combustion that occurs when the disparate objectives of two characters meet in a highly charged environment filled with all three elements. When an unforeseen conflict occurs, the character must navigate either around, over or through whatever is keeping them from achieving their objective. When a detour appears, how would your character adjust? Do they give up, fight or work to find a possible solution? What are the conflicts your character is facing? What choices will they make and how will it affect your performance choices?

At the end of this course, students will also learn to build the environment of their scene as well as how to adjust their performance for the camera (zoom or HD).

Note:  Prior to this prep course, actors will receive carefully selected scenes that will offer them the opportunity to shine on showcase day. Actors will perform “partner style” before a zoom audience of industry professionals. Scripts must be memorized prior to class