Character Breakdown to “Wrap”- 3 Week Intensive with Jeffrey Grover!

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Date & Time
Saturdays from 01/08/2022 to 01/22/2022
1:30 pm - 5:00 pm

1st Team Actors Studio
4954 Great Northern Blvd
North Olmsted, OH 44070

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About this Event

This intensive will run three consecutive Saturdays 1/8-1/22 from 1:30-5:00.

Actors often lose sight of where they are in the “journey” associated with securing and performing a particular role.  The initial audition request is just the start of the journey, from preparing the preliminary audition or self tape to hearing “That’s a Wrap.”  Along the way, things can go wrong. And, things can and often do go right. My experience has told me that we actors sometimes  don’t know why certain things go right, and conversely what could have been done to correct something when things went wrong.

Understanding the roadmap of a specific acting journey enables the actor to better manage the process, knowing the key benchmarks that open the next door and the next door to booking a role and getting on set. And, knowing where one is in the process, and the specific requirements to get through each door and milestone, requires self awareness and honest self assessment. It’s like taking a trip. One has to know where they’re going, what equipment and training they need, the most effective direction and timing, and of course the intellect and emotional makeup required.  (For example, if someone wanted to travel to Russia, they’d probably have to consider the steps and associated planning required. Maybe even brushing up on their Russian. Why should the actor’s journey be any less specific or prepared?)

This course will provide actors a better understanding of the process from audition to booking to on set performance. We will explore the particular milestones along this journey. The more common milestones, as well as some of the surprises that may not always be anticipated. And, recommended skills and techniques and ways to enhance the actor’s specific work in each area.

We will utilize specific scripts and sides taken from genres that actors are typically confronting when auditioning:

Procedural Drama
 Independent Film
 “Hallmark” type Films
 Large Budget or Studio Film

Each actor, over three consecutive Saturday afternoon sessions, will be able to work on their individually selected role with sides taken from one of the above mentioned genres. And/or other(s) the actor may want to work on. We’ll work together, individually and as an ensemble, to consider the particular journey each actor takes using a very specific set of sides. And the milestones and deliverables required.  We’ll explore the choices that are made in class, both in preparation and in the moment. And, we’ll consider why those choices were made based upon the actor’s particular level of experience, training and intuition.

  Practical on camera work and discussion around how each actor responds to a particular milestone, with adjustments and feedback and self assessment, will provide real time and very practical sharing for everyone to experience.

 Ultimately, my goal is to share from my own training and experience what I’ve discovered.  The milestones and associated requirements that are typically in play. And, the gaps I’ve learned through my own personal self assessment that have needed, and continue to need to be worked on and improved upon.

  The actor’s ability to understand the journey, the milestones, and the ability to stay the course even when it seems like we’re lost… is really based on our ability to look at things both from a 5000 foot level, and from a few inches away. And everywhere in between. I want to help each participant to gain greater awareness and essential understanding of the process, and through our sessions, discover their specific gaps through honest reflection and feedback that they can work on and improve in order to become more effective on a very specific, individual basis.

  If you’re ready to look in the mirror, be willing to honestly assess and understand where you are in the context of your specific  training, experience and emotional makeup, and importantly have a desire to improve and work on your particular gaps … this course is for you. We all have things to work on. We’ll consider the knowledge that will help you identify and improve some of your specific needs and gaps. And, providing you the understanding of knowing where these skills and knowledge are applicable along the journey, (from breakdown to “wrap”).
Jeffrey Grover is a Cleveland native who now lives and works primarily in NYC. He sort of reinvented himself after working as a marketing and sales professional for over 20 years, rededicating himself to acting in the late 1990’s.
 Since then, he has worked in many wonderful Cleveland area theaters. These include many productions spanning the Cleveland Play House, Great Lakes Theater, Beck Center, Cain Park, Charenton, Dobama, Ensemble Theater, JCC/Halle, Mamai, none too fragile, among others.  His theater credits in NY include productions at Metropolitan Playhouse, The Tank, NY Theater Festival, Wild Banshee, The Players Club, Opera North, among others.
   Jeffrey’s feature film resume includes “Dark Waters,” “Miles Ahead,” “I Feel Pretty,” “Galveston,” “Take Shelter,” “Compliance,” “The Kings of Summer,” “Madtown,” among others. He plays Donovan Strathmore, the lead character in “Two Cents From a Pariah,” released recently on Amazon Prime. And just started production for the new indy feature, “Post-Truth.”  Jeff has appeared in numerous short films, and has been involved writing, producing and sometimes acting in films produced along with his partners at g2h films.
     Recent television/procedurals include “Succession,” “Partner Track” and “New Amsterdam.”
     He has numerous on camera, voice over and print credits. Recent campaigns include “Jareds” and “Balanced” for The Working Assembly.
     He is a member of the Freeman Studio in NY.  Proud member of SAG-AFTRA and Actors Equity.  Represented by Boals-Winnett & Associates and Ingrid French Management in NYC.  The Talent Group in Cleveland/Pittsburgh.


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